Thursday, November 11, 2010

Advice for New Moms

At a baby shower recently, I bought a journal and everyone who came wrote a piece of advice for the new mom. We had some serious and some funny advice written in the book. Fun!

I also asked my Facebook friends for some advice. Debra said:

Talk to your baby like an adult. Talking to your child in this manner makes them smarter.
Teri opined: 
Babies are not born to be infants forever. Children have eternal spirits that need nurturing. Mothers plant seeds that can grow love and accomplishment or rebellion and pain. Yes, children make their own ultimate choices, but mothers have enormous power.
Jewel advised:
A parents' biggest responsiblity is to prepare their child to live without them someday.
Judy said:
 Don't rush anxious for the next. Enjoy what they do today as your God given treasure. You'll blink and they are off to college.
Victoria started early:  
Read to your baby from the womb on. I was in college while pregnant both times and I read my textbooks aloud. Both kids were speaking in full sentences by the time they were one!
If you could offer just one suggestion, what would it be? Please leave your advice AND your website or blog URL.

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